Wednesday, December 07, 2005

CommonPlot: The One Wish

Everyone gets to make one wish in their lifetime. The catch is, you don't know which one. It could happen any moment. You may have already wasted it unknowingly. That time you said, "Man, am I hungry! I wish I had something to eat!" and then you got something to eat. Or, "I wish it would stop raining!" and then, a short while later, it stopped raining.

Some kids, overreacting to some real or imagined slight, scream at their parents, "I wish you were dead!" Then their parents die and the kid lives with that guilt for years before realizing that they were just kids, and that wish didn't really make their parents die. Only some kids really did wish their parents to death. It really is all their fault.

Some kids wish they'd never been born, but you'd never know it.

What is/was your one wish?

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