Thursday, December 08, 2005

Cthulhu in Pirates of the Carribean?!?

Here's a couple of screen caps from the new Pirates of the Carribean movie. It isn't much of a stretch to guess the inspiration for this guy!

Actually, this would more likely be one of August Derleth's Spawn of Cthulhu, rather than Lovecraft's own Cthulhu, but it is still great to see such unspeakable horrors crawling from the icthyan depths into the nightmares of children where they belong.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

CommonPlot: Your Secret Mutant Power

Everyone has a secret mutant power, but few people ever find out. You might be bullet proof. How would you know you aren't if you've never been shot? Some people can be exposed to smallpox and never get sick from it. Others won't get burned when they touch things that are between 1000° and 2000° F, but not below, and not above. Some people will never slip on ice, but only when they are walking on it barefoot. Some people can speak to dinosaurs.

All these powers, and nobody knows they have them because the situation never arises when they might be discovered.

Others use their powers all the time, but their powers are so mundane that they don't notice. Someone might have a time sense, so they know, within fifteen minutes, what time it is, always. Some can hear plants talk, but the mistake it for a ringing in their ears. Another can open any jar, no matter how tightly its been screwed shut.

What is your secret mutant power?

CommonPlot: The One Wish

Everyone gets to make one wish in their lifetime. The catch is, you don't know which one. It could happen any moment. You may have already wasted it unknowingly. That time you said, "Man, am I hungry! I wish I had something to eat!" and then you got something to eat. Or, "I wish it would stop raining!" and then, a short while later, it stopped raining.

Some kids, overreacting to some real or imagined slight, scream at their parents, "I wish you were dead!" Then their parents die and the kid lives with that guilt for years before realizing that they were just kids, and that wish didn't really make their parents die. Only some kids really did wish their parents to death. It really is all their fault.

Some kids wish they'd never been born, but you'd never know it.

What is/was your one wish?