Sunday, April 06, 2008

... not dead yet

This will most likely be the last post from this particular blog. Not that I've abandoned this project. In fact, I had a slew of massive revisions ready to go "live" but then my hard drive died, and I hadn't backed them up anywhere, and, well... They say that if the horse throws you, you've got to get back up and start riding again... but I really liked the changes I'd made. Milo was a more "real" human, simultaneously more and less sympathetic. His relationship with his grandfather was a deal more problematic... Anyway, suffice to say, I'll get back on that horse, soon.

But the real reason I'm stopping this particular blog is I've just got too many going, and I'm consolidating. It's better to have a couple strong blogs instead of multiple weak, neglected ones.

So, I'm moving all things creative over to the Callithump! site, which is where I'll relaunch the new, improved Castles. Go visit!